How to add email hosting for a new account

Our South African network hosts websites and email accounts on separate servers. This means that, once you’ve created a hosting account in your webserver WHM, you will need to login to your mailserver WHM and create an account for the new domain on the mailserver as well.

Every domain you host will have two cPanels.
One on the webserver and another on the mailserver.

1. Login to your mailserver WHM

Log into your client area at and click on

Services > My Services

You will see your mailserver WHM listed as a “Texo Reseller Email” account. Click on the View Details button, and then on the Login to WHM button. If you’re not sure which mailserver your email hosting is on, the information is displayed right above the Login to WHM button, for example:


2. Create the new email hosting account

Click on Create an account and create an account for the new domain. You can use the same username and password that you used for this account on the webserver.

3. Create email accounts, if required

Once the account has been created, you can click on List Accounts in your email WHM and then on the cpanel icon next to the correct account to login into that account’s email cpanel to create the email accounts.

4. Point the MX (email) for the domain to the correct mailserver

Now you must login to the account’s webserver cpanel, and use the Remote MX Wizard in the Email section of the cPanel to point the domain’s mail to the correct mailserver. If you do not see the Remote MX Wizard icon in the cpanel, then you in the wrong cpanel. If you’re having trouble finding the Wizard, type in “Remote MX” in the search field at the top of the page:


All DNS editing is done on the webserver. Mail servers are not linked to our nameservers.

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