Change your WordPress login in phpMyAdmin

If you’ve forgotten your WordPress dashboard login, and can’t use the Reset Password tool because you can’t remember which email address or username is correct, there’s an easy way to fix this using the phpMyAdmin tool in your cpanel.

1. Login to your website cPanel

If you’ve forgotten how to do this, please click here

2. Click on the phpMyAdmin icon

You’ll find it in the “Databases” section of your cpanel


phpMyAdmin will open in a new tab/window

3. Click on the correct database in the menu on the left


Expand the menu tree if necessary, by clicking on the [+] sign


4. Click on the correct database

In this case, it’s texoco_wpx. Your database will have a different name. If you have more than one database listed, and you’re unsure which one is being used by your WordPress install, you will find this information in your wp-config.php file.

5. Select the users table by clicking on it

All your database tables will be listed in the frame to the right. Look for the table with the _users extension. Yours will be named differently, depending on the database prefix your install is using. In this example, it is wpx_users. Click on it.


6. Click on the Edit link next to the username


7. Remove the encrypted password

Select and remove the encrypted password in the textarea.


8. Type in a new password, selecting MD5

Enter the new password for this user, and change the dropdown to MD5


You can also change the user’s login (user_login) and email address (user_email) here.

9. Click on the Go button to save the new password.

You can now login to your WordPress dashboard with the user_login and the new password.


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